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For the mods, authors, artists and commenters on [ profile] sshg_exchange for being awesome and entertaining lots of people for months

Title: Thank gods, it's over! (Up and away)
Artist: stephanie_draws
Rating: G
Warnings: HGSS in a US-location? (don't worry, they're not Americans) Robes not movie-inspired?
Summary: After they dealt with the insane number of requests they had to re-enact during the SSHG-exchange Severus and Hermione felt they deserved a vacation. Somewhere with no Potters, Weasleys, Malfoys, annoying portraits or people at all, preferably. Though Hermione insisted on taking the SSHG-paperwork with her for later perusal and putting together a few statistics when Severus grabbed her to apparate. Severus will distract her though...

Medium: pastel on coloured mi teintes paper. 34 x 24 cm aka 13,5 x 9,5 inches. Photographing ate a bit of the subtle nuances, sadly. 
Severus and Hermione vacation - quite possibly illegally - on the Totem Pole, a rock formation in Monument Valley, Utah. I apologise to any natives for inaccuracies I committed on the background: it's surprisingly difficult to get pictures shot from on top of the Pole.
SSHG landed in the US because sitting on a wall - even one with flowers - in the sketch didn't look very holidayish. But I liked the poses so I searched for something more exotic to place them on. Confronted with the Sächsische Schweiz in eastern Germany (that probably wouldn't have been recognized even by Germans) or beautiful Chinese mountains (that would have been a nightmare to paint) I chose the most famous and easily recognisable of my finds.

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