Tiny Water Lilies

Sep. 8th, 2017 11:40 pm
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5 x 7" acrylic on heavy cotton paper. These were started as a demo in class; I finished them the next day just because I wanted to.
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Today was the first day of a new class session, always taxing for me because I never know what to expect.

One of my students, at the end of class, told me she'd be back next week and that for her, that was saying a LOT, because she kept trying classes and not liking them and just not returning after the first session. O.o

You never know what you'll say that will tip the scales one way or another. I think it was the story I told about my first experiences in art class in college and how awful my first paintings were -- and they were. I said something about it all being learned skills, and if it weren't there'd be no such thing as art school. For me that's just how I talk about things; for her it seems to have been an affirmation that she didn't need some mystical ~talent in order to come and have fun with this stuff.


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